Band description:

Mierliţa (mir-LEE-tsa) plays rich, swingy, highly-ornamented Romanian music in the Lautari (Roma, or “Gypsy”) style. Intricate melodies and harmonies intertwine with an infectious jazz rhythm section to provide the core of this virtuosic quartet’s sound. Fiddlers Jon Cannon and Abigale Reisman, both students of Lautari master violinist Marin Bunea, bring a contemporary perspective to a full traditional repertoire alongside guitarist Sasha Kern and upright bassist Kirsten Lamb. Mierlita has given acclaimed performances all over New England including appearances at the New England Folk Festival and the Folk Arts Center of New England’s popular Balkan Music Night. Their debut full-length CD, “Stranger in Chisinau,” was released in March 2015.


You were just amazing, and everybody in the audience was extremely impressed by your skills, and by your ability to understand and capture the spirit of Romanian Lautari. Everybody left spiritually enriched, and maybe a bit nostalgic about their past time.” — Dana Pentia, Romanian vocalist

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